The topic of health we perceive today as a religion. This perception influences our body ideal, which manifests itself in the emaciated functional body. The assertion that there is no longer a fashionable right and wrong in the sense of the individualization that has persisted since the 1990s, but that a right and a wrong body is clearly applicable here.


The image of our body is intended to signal a more and more dymanic environment that my self is stable, defensible and resilient. The world seems to be turning faster and more uncontrollable. In such a perception, the body is stylized as the apparently last autonomous zone of the ego. This attitude is reflected in the triumph of the fashionable genre Athleisurewear.


The word „athleisure“ is composed of the English word „athletic“ and „leisure“. It describes the two main influences that shape this trend.


„Athleisure“ is now more than just a lifestyle trend, but represents a whole social development and has become a modern status symbol. The digital changes in our society are increasingly blurring the boundaries between work and private life. This changes our way of living and dressing. The portability of everyday life has begun. We wear sports clothes in the office, while going out, at the vernissage as well as at the restaurant. Sneakers have become indispensable in our everyday life. „Athleisure“ embodies this new sense of society in the form of comfortable, practical and versatile garments. „Athleisure“ has become a cross-sphere statement and is one of the fastest-growing segments in the lifestyle industry. All the big high-fashion labels are fully committed to this future and other industries are catching up.

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It has become reality that our society is experiencing a great transformation through the new digital scopes, online / offline, 24/7 is the central theme of the 21st century. The topic of „Athleisure Lab“ is about the new generation Y and Z, which grew up in the digital world. With her new visions, the world is shaped differently in optics and design. This is reflected in architecture, art, lifestyle, interior design, food and fashion. This young generation experimented in their digital „lifestyle“ to mix, layer and combine everything. In this way, the various disciplines are merged into new hybrids and completely new solutions for our common future emerge.

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