_less is bore_more is more_maximalize it is the maxim_

Following those words we build a strong feeling of glamour and escapism. In our daily setting there is much about logic, austerity and strictness.

In these days of ours we need  a counterbalance that presents us a more emotional, playful, dreamful, creative and sophisticated hue. Maximalism is our balance, not our escape…

Let`s discuss….

Gucci Cruise 2019
Gucci SS 2019
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Another Magazine
Premiere Vision 2018
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Off White SS 2019
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Off White AW 2018

2 Gedanken zu “_brainstorm_

  1. For me it is a escape to the past. We don’t see much new in this richness or maximalism. Details are gathered from different epocs and decades and from different styles and cultures, so many stories next to each other. Nowadays it has become difficult in most of our life areas, world seems to turn crazy…
    Even looking back, to find answers hurts more than ever….


    1. …thank you for your comment… basically I absolutely agree, indeed there is not much new in quoting design inspirations from all different epochs, cultures… etc. In my opinion it is more about giving some emotional warmth to your soul and loosing yourself in a stream of beauty…


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