_brainstorm_men‘s wear_

_off white_title „incomplete“_most inspiring men‘s wear collection_EDFC23CD-9CCC-4223-AD19-B87E3C150FF14320FC1D-3328-4864-8CD7-A33812CB6CF8199B8513-6410-40DE-BB22-934BB343D6F25558DE96-4F14-4340-95C8-93CEEB5A0A40E751F092-13DA-462E-9FEC-D0E0F37080EF991A1FA4-D531-433F-8F23-8CD3E803C3CC3B3FF2AA-F10C-4898-A0D6-5C6F5F234E85

2 Gedanken zu “_brainstorm_men‘s wear_

    1. Thank you so much for your inspiring comment, Dorie… I definitely agree with you in all points of view… besides the perfect honest style of photography I like the oversized jackets… they somehow remind me on “Zoot Suits” … Virgil Abloh does a really good job at the moment… groovy greetings from Stuttgart


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