We often find in fashion design, that designs are rooted and related to some rebellious spirits based in subcultural classics. Vetements does this at it`s very best this season.

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D.I.Y. aesthetics have always been a classic Punk thing… one the pivotal points in Classic Punk was to bend rules, never to break them. That`s way ideas have the chance to live and develop. Vetements follows this tradition in it`best sense of creating new, but respecting the roots of the design…


As we see technical and industrial inspirations having an emerging and strong impact on fashion now still we need some tactile, colorful and still romantic warmth for our minds.

In this context flowery shapes, colorways and surfaces can be seen allover the runways shows and flagshipstores…. nut really new, but still beautiful.

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Neon light colors are having s great influence on todays fashion as they stand for an urban, highly visible and tech- influenced style. The second is to build a strong contrast on nature, earthy and flowery inspirations.

As seen in the latest Balenciaga fashion show the catwalk was 3 dimensionally wrapped in a highly technicolor world as we might see through in VR- goggles. One of the best fashion show stages.

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